Our Experts

Overseeing WIHSC operations and working with researchers are principal investigators Kelle Moley, MD, Ann M. Gronowski, PhD.

Kelle Moley, MD

Primary PI

Dr. Moley has expertise in obstetrics and gynecology, and handles all grants, budgets, financial issues, Clinical Translational Science Awards, Children’s Discovery Institute grants and clinical issues. She is the liaison to the Washington University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology faculty and chair.

Ann Gronowski, PhD

Primary PI

Dr. Gronowski has expertise in laboratory medicine and specimen handling and is American Board of Clinical Chemistry certified. Dr. Gronowski ensure compliance with the Human Research Protection Office (HRPO), and deals with HIPAA issues and biobanking guidelines. She serves as liaison to the Washington University Department of Pathology and Immunology faculty and chair and to the Tissue Procurement Core (TPC) director.