Grants & Publications

Much of the research made possible by the Women and Infants Health Specimen Consortium (WIHSC) has received recognition from the medical community through publications, grants and other awards. 

Large Initiative Grant, Children’s Discovery Institute
LI-2010-95: The Women and Infants Health Specimen Consortium
Principal Investigators: Dr. Kelle Moley, Dr. Ann Gronowski and Dr. Marwan Shinawi

Pilot Award, Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translation Science
CTSA114: Formation of a “Women’s Health Specimen Consortium“
Principal Investigators: Dr. Ann Gronowski & Dr. Kelle Moley 

Publications and Papers Submitted

Jungheim ES, Macones GA, Odem RR, Patterson BW, Lanzendorf SE, Ratts VS, Moley KH. Associations between free fatty acids, cumulus oocyte complex morphology and ovarian function during in vitro fertilization. Fertil Steril. 2011 95:1970-1974. PMID: 21353671

Jungheim ES, Macones GA, Odem RR, Patterson BW, and Moley KH. Elevated serum alpha-linolenic acid levels are associated with decreased chance of pregnancy after in vitro fertilization. In Press, Fertil Steril., 2011. PMID 21840520

Grants Submitted

Indira Mysorekar, PhD
Agency: Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Mechanism: Preterm Birth Initiative (Full Research Grant Application)
Title: Occult infections in the etiology of pre-term birth.
Project period: 04/01/11 – 03/30/15
Total (includes direct & indirect costs) awarded: $600,000 in total costs
Status: funded


Ann Gronowski, PhD. Invited speaker, Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, San Francisco, CA, February 2011. Scientific Forum: Computers in Medicine “Creation of a Pregnancy Biospecimen Bank: From conception to delivery.”

Marwan Shinawi, MD, Poster presentation. ACMG Annual Genetics meeting, Vancouver, Canada, March 2011. “Early-Onset Hepatic Fibrosis in Lysinuric Protein Intolerance.”

Emily Jungheim, MD, Poster presentation. Society for Gynecologic Investigation, 2011. “Proteomic Analysis of Complement Levels in Follicular Fluid and Sera Reveal a Signature Profile Associated with Pregnancy Outcomes after IVF.”

Amanda Lewis, PhD. “Functional Studies of the Microbiota in Health and Diseases of the Female Urogenital Mucosa.” Loyola University Health System Department of Microbiology and Immunology Seminar Series. Jan 2012


Marwan Shinawi, MD and Odibo, A.  Abnormal Metabolomic Profiles in Pregnancies Complicated by Small-for-Gestational-Age.  ICHG/ ASHG 2011 meeting in Montreal, Canada (October 11-15 2011).

Marwan Shinawi, MD, Dietzen DJ, Odibo, Gronowski A, Moley K. Abnormal Metabolomic Profiles in Pregnancies Complicated by Small-for-Gestational-Age. ACMG 2012 Meeting, Charlotte, NC (March 27-31, 2012) [Oral presentation].